Raquel Abecasis

Freedom, a daily battle.

The Popular Congress about Rights and Fundamental freedoms is a national shock to those who feel that their freedom is being threatened by the impositions that reach us everyday coated as state laws.

It sounds awkward to talk about fighting for freedom nearly 50 years after April 25th 1974.

Our society, so called modern, has accommodated to the shade of the idea of modernity and comfort which has associated to conquering freedom in a faraway dawn. Even today, after so many years, we talk about that day as the day that conquer became permanent.

Big mistake. Conquering freedom is a daily task. And because mistakes pay a high price, what we now have is a overwhelmed freedom by a dominating thought that wants to impose as unique. Against everything and everyone who dares to question it.

Freedom is men’s most precious asset and therefore it’s up to us caring for that asset, we can’t leave it in the hands of others.

Because we are no longer a free society and the Government wants to decide how we manage our families, how we raise and educate our children, and what choices we must make in several aspects of our personal and family lives.

Because under the name of a alleged equality, and no discrimination, our families are being discriminated and limited in their ability to decide.

I have accepted the invitation of the Popular Congress about Rights and Fundamental freedoms to write the inspiring text for this congress.
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