People's Congress on
Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Family - Life – Dignity



21h00 — Accreditations.
21h30 — Presentation of the reasons for the Congress.

— Approach to the situation in Portugal – Dr. Isilda Pegado (FPPV)
— Approach to the situation in Europe – Eng. Jaime Mayor Oreja (One Of Us)
— Global approach – Dr. Lorcán Price (ADF International)

22h30 — Cultural moment – ancient and popular music "a capella" (family group).


1st Panel (morning)

Origin of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

09h30 — Start.

Fundamental rights and freedoms – religious and philosophical roots of their discovery

Prof. Doutor José Carlos Miranda

Do we take human rights seriously?

Prof. Doutor Mário Pinto


Professor António Balbino Caldeira

Moderator – Dr. José Ribeiro e Castro

11h30 — Debate.

2nd Panel (afternoon)

Family, Life and Education

14h30 — Start.

1st Module

Family cell base of society

Prof. Doutor Diogo Costa Gonçalves

Life from conception to natural death

Pe. Fábio Carvalho

Moderator – Writer Maria Helena Costa

2nd Module

Parents - first and primary educators

Pastor Tito Pereira

Freedom of education

Prof. Doutor Manuel Braga da Cruz

Moderator – Dr. Pedro de Castro (salL)

18h30 — Debate.
19h00 — Exibição de um curto filme apresentado e comentado por Dr. Rodrigo Sousa.
21h00 — Interpretation of the Ethnofolkloric Group Renascer de Areosa.


10h30 — Public presentation of the conclusions of the congress with the presence of the authorities and other guests.

11h00 — Closing Session.

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